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Men’s Jewellery Guide: Spring/Summer 2015
While some style purists will still argue a watch is the only accessory suitable for a man’s wrist, recent trends beg to differ. Historically we men may have been wary of jewellery but given the growth in the market over the past few years, it seems plenty of us are now giving it a go.
“Jewellery is perhaps the most difficult type of accessory for men to pull off,” says Beckett. “My advice is it should feel like an extension of your body – you can carry off anything with the right level of confidence. For spring/summer 2015, I’m layering cuffs and bracelets by specialist brands such as Stephen Einhorn and Miansai.”
Bracelets and cuffs are perfect for adding personality and character to your look when wearing lightweight tees and vests. “This season is all about the modern wrap bracelet; something with a clean design that’s casual and can be worn all summer long,” says Michael Saiger, Founder and Creative Director of Miami-based accessories brand Miansai.
A well-placed leather bracelet will bring a little understated texture to your outfit, and can – depending on the style in question – appear ruggedly casual or surprisingly smart. Try teaming a jet black or rich dark brown design with a short-sleeved shirt, some tailored shorts and a pair of leather loafers for a refined yet laid-back aesthetic.
If your style is more surf’s up than buttoned up, consider a colourful beaded or textile bracelet from brands such as Simon Carter or Ted Baker. These work well layered up on one, or both, of your wrists and can be combined with casual beach wear, as well as relaxed unstructured cotton and linen short suits.
Looking for something more statement-making? Try adding a quality cuff or two to your accessories collection. Miansai offers a slew of expertly crafted gold- and silver-plated styles that don’t cost the earth, while minimal Scandi brand Acne Studios do a selection of gold and oxidised silver bangles that will really set off smarter summer attire.
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